Who are UK Meds?

In a nutshell, UK Meds are one of the biggest online clinics in the industry, providing people with a 5* private healthcare service and allowing them to get medications they require delivered straight to their door.

But delve a little deeper and you will see that UK Meds is a family business, made up of people who are always striving to be pioneers in the industry. Constantly on the hunt for ways to make our business safer, simpler and more of a one-stop shop, we put our customers at the forefront of everything that we do.

Once merely an online portal bringing in orders to be dispensed by a partner pharmacy, UK Meds is now one of the biggest online clinics out there and we serve over 200,000 loyal customers. Now offering advice blog posts, advanced biometric identity checks and a large over-the-counter product range, we’ve certainly evolved a lot since the company’s humble beginnings.

UK Meds launched
Loyal customers

Our mission is simple; to provide healthcare with a difference to people whose lives don’t suit the status quo.

People who don’t want to spend 45 minutes on the phone in a morning trying to get a doctor’s appointment, people with chronic conditions who can’t take time off work every month to pick up their prescription, people who live in rural areas and may not be able to travel 30 minutes to their nearest GP. The reasons are vast but one thing unites the people we aim to serve; they all want a prescription service that is simple, convenient and delivered right to their door.

While we remain keen to keep things quick and easy for our customers, we’re also aware that we are not selling t-shirts. The fact that we provide prescription medication means that while ease-of-use and good customer service is important to us, patient care and safety remains our top priority. But how does that look in practise? Well, we keep our questionnaires in-depth, our deny times policy tight and our identity checking process way ahead of our competitors.

Genuine Medications
Customer Service

A lot has changed over the 3 years that UK Meds has been established but our core values have not. We have worked hard to create a platform that is built on trust, discretion and good quality customer service. Our team is made up of experts in their field, from the medical team to the tech team to the commercial team, and everyone works hand in hand to make UK Meds the success that it is.

Our operations may be large, serving patients all over the country, but our team remains small and that family business spirit is still very much alive. Rejecting the corporate style of working, the UK Meds team thrives in a relaxed and social environment behind the scenes of the slick website and storefront that our customers know and love.